Christmas ornaments from handmade flat felt

make this cute Santa Claus or Christmas Tree

Follow the instructions for making flat felt here

Trace the pattern on to Renolds freezer paper. Iron on the freezer paper to your finished felt.(see detailed instructions on the right)

Top stitch two Felt Cut-Out Santas together, leaving a small space to stuff with cotton. Lightly stuff with a few fluffed up cotton balls and stitch opening closed.
To make a loop, braid a 3″ cord and sew onto the top of the stuffed felt ornament.

flat felt Christmas ornamentDo the same as above for the two Felt Cut-Out Christmas Trees.

Using craft glue, decorate both sides with beads or other embellishments!

Felt Cut-Out Christmas Trees

How to use Renolds Freezer paper for felt applique:

I iron felt on a very low setting. Trace the design you want onto the dull side of freezer paper. Then roughly cut the piece out about 1/4″ from the line. Iron the freezer paper shiney side down onto the felt. This helps make your cutting more crisp. Then cut your piece and pull off the freezer paper and use it as you normally would.