Knitting instructions: Video files

Each of these videos shows the continental method (carry yarn held in left hand) for knitting and purling. They are large files and may take a minute to play in your windows media player. Files courtesy of Amy Sundari Finlay from her website

Learn the knit stitch. This method is called the Continental method.
Video: Knit stitch close-up

How to hold yarn
Video: Holding Yarn Continental style

Learn the purl stitch. Note the use of the left hand’s middle finger. It makes for a very smooth transition if you need to alternate Purl and Knit stitches and is good to maintain tension for beginners.
Video: Purl stitch close-up

Alternating Knit & Purl If you find you have to rearrange your hands for every stitch when you do ribbing, try this way! (This is simply the above two methods, alternating. Demo is a bit fast-paced, to show fluidness.)
Video: Alternating Knit and Purl

Casting On:Double method: Also see the Animated Version below. This cast on method creates an already-knitted row. Trickier to learn than some methods, but faster, and easier to knit from! Amy’s preferred method.
Video: Double Cast-on

There is an extra-slow-moving animated clip as well. It’s the same method, but they start it with a slip knot. (The knot is optional, as you can see in Amy’s video.)
Animated Gif: Double Cast-On